Hair Removal

I offer a range of treatments which can help remove unwanted hair in all areas of the body


Having many years experience of body and intimate waxing, helps me to choose the best wax for each individual client. After an initial consultation waxing will be carried out using generally warm wax for the body and hot wax for the more intimate areas to get a nice smooth finish.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction


Removal of hair using IPL works by targeting the melanin in the hair with quick pulses of light. This light energy converts to heat within the follicle. When sufficient heat has built up, the follicle will break down and be unable to produce a new hair.

This process is most effective in the ‘anagen’ phase of hair growth. Approximately 30% of hairs

are in this stage of growth at any one time, therefore, a course of treatments is required. Typically 6-10 treatments is needed at intervals of 4-6 weeks to see long lasting results. Any hair re-growth you do have will be softer and finer than before so it’s very effective if you suffer from ingrown hairs.



If you are looking for a more permanent solution for Hair removal than waxing then Electrolysis might be what you are looking for. Below I have included lots of frequently asked questions to help you to make your decision. All clients considering Electrolysis are invited to a Free Consultation. We can discuss the treatment processes and procedures, including a fully customisable treatment program. Any concerns and questions can be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Clients

  • Mature/Minor
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome clients
  • Male grooming (chest/back/beard)
  • Medical (pilocidal cysts, trichiasis/eyelash deformities)
  • Transgender clients

What is Electrolysis?

It is a safe, effective and permanent hair removal system. It remains the only method to legally claim it offers permanent hair removal for all hair and skin types.

Is Electrolysis safe?

First invented in 1875 it is proven effective and perfectly safe when performed correctly. Modern technology has meant Electrolysis has become more gentle and comfortable treatment, being an even more effective, affordable and popular treatment today.

What about hygiene?

Disposable probes are used to completely eliminate any risk of cross-infection and a brand new probe is used for every treatment and client.

How does it work?

A fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle where a tiny burst of energy targets the root of the hair. This weakens the hair, after repeated treatment the hair no longer grows.

Each hair will require repeated treatment as each hair has its own growth cycle and blood supply. Electrolysis works by weakening the hair to eventually destroying it.

What will happen during the first appointment?

You will have a thorough consultation to ensure treatment is suitable for you and which method is best for you.

You will have a chance to ask questions about the treatment and to have a ‘taster’ session. You will also discuss a treatment plan. Results take time, but like dieting, it is not a crash diet but the healthy eating plan that works in the long run.


Why should I invest in IPL Permanent Hair Reduction?

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